XBOX One Controller Anti Theft Security Bracket and Tether


Our controller brackets for the XBOX One are made from injection-molded glass fiber infused plastic to provide the most secure option available for your controllers. Each bracket comes with a bracket, 8.5 foot braided steel security cable, 10 foot USB Cable (for charging controller), security bit, security screw, and a one-way security screw (for mounting security cable). The security cable can be attached in two ways. Either wrapped around a solid object, such as a table leg or screwed into a hard surface using the provided security screw. Once installed, the controller bracket allows for users to play, unobstructed, while allowing for the controller to be charged with the USB Cable and not get stolen. Controller not included. US Patent 11,103,796

Please Note – These brackets will not work for the XBOX Series X/S controllers however, the XBOX Series X/S will work with the controllers from the XBOX One and XBOX One S. Please purchase the XBOX One controllers to use with the XBOX Series X/S if you would like to secure the controllers using our security brackets. The brackets will only work with XBOX One Controllers that have the indent at the top near the XBOX button. These controllers can still be purchased at many retailers.  Example  images  below.

Additional information

Weight .7 lbs

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