We are currently out of stock for our Playstation 5 Controller Security tethers. We are having more made and hope to have them soon. If you would like to be contacted when they are available, please fill out this form: Playstation 5 Tether Reservation Form

Our other controller brackets and tethers are not affected by this issue.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your understanding.

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Playstation 3 Super Slim Security Case


The open game slot option is perfect for situations where you want your gamers to be able to freely change the games. When choosing the closed option, this will allow the games to only be removed when the security case door is opened with one of the provided keys.

If you would like to make the game disc inaccessible to players, please choose “closed” from the Game Slot Opening option below.

Installation Instructions

Installation Video


Designed for security and attractiveness, the CAGE ™ Playstation 3 Security Case  PS3 (Super Slim) ® is made from clear cast acrylic and is chemically bonded at every seam for the most secure solution available. Each CAGE ™ is custom designed for each game console and will not impact your equipment’s original heat dissipation capabilities. In addition to the CAGE’s heat dissipation vents, there are also openings available for connecting the system’s power cable, a/v cables, Playstation 3 ® Eye ®, and any other available gaming accessories. Each CAGE ™ Security Case can be secured to any surface using 4 provided screws. The open version of this case, has an opening in the top of the CAGE for game insertion and removal. Installation Instructions Installation Video

Additional information

Weight 3.82 lbs
Dimensions 12.35 × 9.87 × 4 in
Game Slot Opening

Open, Closed, Locking Door