Game Controller Security Cable (Coiled)


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Our 10 foot coiled game controller security cable is designed to keep your game consoles expensive controllers from disappearing. Each cable is made with 1/8 inch thick aircraft quality braided steel cables covered in a soft vinyl coating. When coiled up, the cable measures less than a foot. Once extended, it will stretch to a 10 foot length. One end of the controller cable has an eyelet which is used in conjunction with a one way security screw. This screw can only be tightened and not loosened. The other end contains a metal tab that is glued to the controller itself with the provided superglue. Once installed the controller will be secured to your gaming location but still allow your gamers to use the system comfortably. Not recommended for the Nintendo Wii motion controllers.

Includes: One 10 foot cable, security screw, superglue and alcohol wipe to clean the surface of the controller before gluing.

Please note: One tube of superglue will attach up to 50 security cables. If ordering multiple cables, only one tube of glue will be included with the order.